Hello, I am Chloe Wang. I am the maker and founder of COCOONESE.

My journey began in 2015, when I was armed with just a sewing machine, some fabric and plenty of ideas from my friends and I, I started making bags and ornaments to be sold at flea markets.

What started as an interest soon turned into a passion. In 2018, COCOONESE was officially launched with a series of exquisitely designed items made from fabrics using handcrafted silkscreen prints.

Cocoon Maker Workshop officially began conducting workshops in 2019. We offer Kiss Clasp bag making workshops. Students are welcome to attend workshops at our Katong studio. We do also work with various organisations to conduct bag making workshops at youth clubs and senior activity centres.

In 2019, we were also invited to collaborate with the Singapore department store, Tangs, which is a major milestone for us. You may also find our bags there. In addition to the increased recognition for our creations, we expanded our consumer base and a retail space in the middle of Singapore’s main shopping district, Orchard Road.


Origins of the name COCOONESE

Originating from the word ‘cocoon’, it represents the eventual emergence of a soaring butterfly through persistence and strength. 

COCOONESE also embodies the essence of durability while safeguarding our planet Earth through the use of pure cotton materials that are harmless to the environment.