Designer & Maker. Loves Art & Craft. Exploring & Enjoying life in Singapore City


Hello there, I am so glad you stopped by! Here's something I would like to tell you.

My home country, Taiwan, is a place where traditional crafts and skills are aplenty. Since young, I have a vested interest in art and craft work.

I love to dismantle objects and reassemble them, as this process allows me to continuously (re)think and learn new skills.

I like to use my hands to create beautiful things. Be it a stroke on a canvas or a stitch on a fabric, each work contains my heartfelt emotions.

Quality and practicality are the most important in every creation and every piece of my work. Next to that is the use of materials that do not harm the environment. Take cotton, for instance, although it is a relatively expensive raw material and one may not realize the difference in the polyester artificial fibers, I stand by my principle in using environmentally-friendly materials.