About Us

COCOONESE was created to showcase the beauty of handmade masterpieces. We are committed to creating exquisite and unique women's bags with designs that are representative of Asian culture. Our creations cover a myriad of different looks, including Japanese, Chinese or the traditional colours of Nanyang, just to name a few. Of course, we do have our own unique designs too.

The Key Clasp collection is our star product and our key creation. Its vintage design and elegant feel, gives it versatility to complement the modern look or accompany traditional Asian costumes, whether the Kimono, Cheongsam, Kebaya or Saree.

COCOONESE's products are hand-made in Singapore. All our bags are lovingly sewn and hand-stitched, as a result our stocks are very limited, which also makes each design unique.


Origins of the name COCOONESE

Originating from the word ‘cocoon’, it represents the eventual emergence of a soaring butterfly through persistence and strength.

COCOONESE also embodies the essence of durability while safeguarding our planet Earth through the use of pure cotton materials that are harmless to the environment.