Cocoonese x Victoria Hertel

Collection Description

The collaborative collection with Cocoonese unfolded from a fusion of painting, digital imaging and textile printing. The vibrant array of biomorphic shapes which characterise this collection highlight aesthetics of the organic. In their saturated hues of green and blue, nebulous nuances of pale pink, orange and yellow, and sporadic bursts of dark orange and red, the motifs encapsulate an energetic atmosphere of the renewal, change and exchange found in nature.
The original paintings, which the final designs are based on, pay homage to this changeability of nature and are an investigation into painterly dimensionalities. The playful compositions explore the relationship between form, texture and colour in their activation of the pictorial plane. With a strong emphasis on dynamic shapes and slow gradients the works are layered to convey a palpable palimpsest of colour.

In experimenting with the physical properties of paint my work is a continuous search for unusual combinations to trigger reactions that stretch the boundaries of the traditional usage of paint. Once poured, the paint material responds to the surface and its own composition by being repelled, pooled or redirected as it moves. This exchange gradually shapes the appearance and discourse of the work, integrating a factor of material independence into the painting.
The vivid compositions which emerge from the digital patterning of the original paintings evoke a festive floral feel that merges a delicate softness with an unbound dynamism. In their reminiscence of nature the designs selected for this collaborative collection celebrate seasons of nature in their constant flux.

About The Artist

 Victoria Hertel is a German-Venezuelan artist whose practice merges painting and installation to create immersive experiences. Exploring the entanglement of the body, materiality and space, her work focuses on constructing distilled sensory encounters to heighten and alter our awareness of our surroundings.

Hertel received her BFA from the University of Barcelona and her MA in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts Singapore in partnership with Goldsmiths University of London. She has been awarded the Chan-Davies Art Prize for academic excellence in her MA research and practice of Trace as energy in materialities.

Her work has been exhibited in solo shows, group exhibitions as well as residencies in Germany, Spain, Austria, Poland, China and Singapore.

Website / Instagram @victoria_hertel

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