View from the front row: Cocoonese X Design Orchard

View from the front row:  Cocoonese X Design Orchard

Last month, Cocoonese took our first leap onto a fashion runway. It was the reopening of Design Orchard, and the very first time taking our designs to a fashion show. 

Organisers first got in touch with our founder, Chloe Wang in February and commissioned new designs for the reopening. With only three months to work on a brand new design, Chloe was tasked with not only the challenge of time, but also to incorporate local elements into her design. In line with her usual design vision, it did not take long for her to start integrating traditional batik prints into her new design. She also took the opportunity to introduce a more environment-friendly material –  making bamboo handles the highlight of these new designs.

Speaking of her inspirations, Chloe said that she chose functionality over grandstanding. “I thought of making it look extravagant so it would look good on the runway, but I didn’t want to make something that was useless. That’s how I decided to give up making something too fanciful and went for usability and performance.”


Working with local renown stylist Daniel Boey, Cocoonese is super proud to be one of the 30 selected brands to participate in the show. “It was very satisfying and cool to see my own brand on a proper runway. The styling was great and it was very interesting to see the mix-and-match with other brands. ”, said Chloe.

Our new designs are now available in limited quantities at Design Orchard (250 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238905).

Three new designs in eleven different prints will officially release on our website from 1 Aug, 2022.



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